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25, female, major fangirl, looking for my better half, who may end up being one of the guys I spaz over.
I post stuff from: David Cook and the Anthemic, Doctor Who, Harry Potter, the Hunger Games, X-Men, Suits, How I Met Your Mother, All Time Low, Yellowcard, Gavin DeGraw, Starkid, Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf, Once Upon A Time, Avengers, concerts, fashion, my insane life and whatever else might come into my mind or onto my blog.

If you see a graphic anywhere in any of my posts, unless I specifically say it is mine, I claim absolutely no credit.

I am on Pottermore with the username MarauderSnidget41

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when you do something embarrassing in front of a lot of people


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'why are you sitting in the dark' excuse you I've been sitting here all day and it got dark around me I did not choose this

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Teen Wolf Deleted Scene :: Scott and Isaac from Unleashed

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Orphan Black Rewatch: 1/?

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I bet if you put Anthony Mackie and Robert Downey Jr. in the same room for long enough, their combined excitement at playing superheroes would make the Marvel cinematic universe become reality.

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